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Finance minister Xie Xuren investigate in Guangboranteed
Release time:2012-08-13 Browse times:2479

On August 12, accompanied by leaders at all levels, finance minister Xie Xuren and his group came to Guangbo Group to investigate, and listened to Guangbo Group President Wang Liping's working report on enterprise foreign trade economic operation situation.

In the report, President Wang Liping pointed out,in the face of reduced orders, rising cost of coastal area resources elements and labors, increasing enterprise manufacturing cost these double pressure, Guangbo changed management concept, took actions from the aspects of strengthening cultural industry, setting up integrated global distribution center, doing brand output work, constructing overseas production base and cultivating emerging industry, by strengthening the cooperation of innovative brand, put manufacturing advantages and creative value into good integration, and promoted the reputation of Guangbo brand product. By operation of global resource allocation network, standardization and localization, achieve sales target nearby on a global scale. By means of playing a leading enterprise brand effect, realizing product structure overall expansion and becoming comprehensive stationery production enterprise to strengthen own risk resistance capacity.

Minister Xie Xuren fully affirmed Guangbo Group's achievements, wish Guangbo with greater determination and wider vision, keep making progress and achieve new breakthrough on the aspects of promoting independent innovation ability and speeding up constructing high-end, high-quality and high-tech industrial structure. Meanwhile, he wish Nignbo continue to carry out all the policies and measures of the steady growth, promote structural tax reduction, help enterprise better clarify the thoughts and bodyguard for enterprise's development.


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