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Guangbo held a series of activities on fire safetyranteed p
Release time:2011-11-14 Browse times:1649

On the afternoon of October 7, Guangbo held a series of activities on fire safety. The activity consists of fire control knowledge competition, emergency evacuation drill and fire equipment operation competition, and about thousand people joined. The knowledge competition was intense and serious. Evacuation drill was in good order and vivid. Operation competition was fierce and exciting. The whole activity achieved great success.

165 delegates attended this fire safety knowledge competition. The delegates used the way of answering with limited time. The contents covered fire safety common sense, fire safety four ability construction, fire equipment operation method, the company fire safety management system and so on.

The next emergency evacuation drill was conducted in the accessories workshop of Plastics Company. 180 delegates from each branch and sub plant, as well as 150 workers from accessories workshop, joined together. Fire equipment operation competition pushed this fire control activity to the climax.

Through a series of activities on fire safety, further strengthen vast employees’ prevention awareness and self-rescue capacity, so as to deal with emergencies quickly, orderly, timely and effectively in the accident.


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