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To teach fishing is better than to give fishranteed payday
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As an ancient saying goes, "To teach fishing is better than to give fish." More and more enterprises begin to care for the employees' continuous growth.

Work happily, grow together. Guangbo thinks, "human" is the first element in Guangbo development. Employee is the most precious wealth of an enterprise. Enterprise's social responsibility not only embodies in donating, but more in cultivating employees, training employees to be talents. Only to keep on learning can bring new perspective and new idea, can bring innovation to enterprise.

Guangbo has always connected enterprise's development with employee's growth, established systematic internal and external training mechanism, and put caring for employees' development on the equally significant position with realizing company's benefit.

In Guangbo, every new employee, regardless of their education level or position, after being employed, should attend pre-job skill training organized by human resources department, including staff manual study, basic etiquette guide and professional skills training. Guangbo regards, employee agrees enterprise culture, get to know about the enterprise, can better serve the enterprise.

Through training, let employees have a preliminary understanding of the company, better into the team. Especially every year many skill trainings provided by the company give employees a motivation for progress. After regular trainings more and more employees express that they're confident about their future.

In fact, training is not the end, but means of promoting employees sustainable development. "Corporate social responsibility can be expressed in a number of different ways.  Cultivate employee is the most basic routine of corporate social responsibility", which Guangbo Group President Wang Liping often mentions.

He considers Guangbo's development, talent is the foundation, and culture is the impetus. Only by giving full play to all Guangbo people's intelligence, can create the new value. He puts forward the slogan of employees lifelong learning, launches the policy of pay award and personal study expense reimbursement, and encourages employees to study in their free time.

Therefore, Guangbo actively enhance education training to all employees, continuously improve employees' overall quality. Strengthen basic skill training, run workers' school, conduct technical skills examination to all new employees, statisticians and warehouse keepers, give technical guidance training to  special type of work and equipment operators, which makes equipment accidents greatly reduced and improves production efficiency over 30%.

Meanwhile, Guangbo values education training, and provides full free learning to middle-level cadres or employees with a certain number of working years who study college degree. And deepen corporate management training. The company adopts learning, introduction and fusion these three ways, makes use of various international activities, and every year organizes a large number of middle managers to have corporate culture, brand strategy, financial management and human capital training, has cultivated a great many management teams with professional dedication entrepreneurial spirit for corporate development.

Now, a large number of employees have been promoted, from an ordinary worker to a director of sub plant, from a little technician to a technique expert of the industry, through their own efforts. More and more employees have gradually fit into Guangbo this big family, settled down in Ningbo, become real new Ningbo people.

In future, Guangbo hopes to use the way of teaching him to fish, further improve staff's self-identity and sense of belonging, let employees and enterprise become a common destiny, let excellent talent team become Guangbo's backbone into the world-class brand.


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