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Walking into Guangbo Binhai Industrial Park ranteed payday
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A cluster of new and unique factory building come into sight. Wide roads extend in all directions. Modern factory building spring up ...Recently, the reporter walked into Yinzhou Binhai Industrial Park located in Zhanqi and Xianyang and came to Guangbo Group Binhai plant in the western side of the park.

The plant covering 93 Mu are full of grass. production building and warehouse building with the total of 37000 square meters stand towering. It's reported that Guangbo Industry No.2 sub plant has moved part of production line here since June 20. At present, about 200 employees begin their normal production and life. Now let's have a look at their new life here.

Workshop: as if a scenery

In the afternoon that day, it was hot outside. But the workshop of No.5 building of Guangbo plant was cool. The workers assemble and adjust products like pencil sharpener and paper file in good order. The pencil sharpeners after assembling moved forward through production line, colorful, like rare treasure or like a naughty puppet. Standing in the capacious and bright workshop, take a broad view, the production line forms the beautiful scenery.

Ma Jiaomei from Heinan, who came to the factory not long ago, told the report with smile, "It's my first time travelling away from home. Also it's my first time joining the work. I feel the local conditions, customs,board and lodging, and working environment are much better than my hometown. I'll continue to work hard."

During the interview, person in charge of the workshop ran out for many times to welcome the newly-arrival employees. It's said that before the end of August, Guangbo old plant production line will all move to Binhai plant.

Dining room: Thousand people can have meals at the same time

Walk out from No.5 building, about two minutes' walk to the east, the reporter came to the clean and newly-decorated staff dining room, almost the same area with the Group's big dining room. Wang Shiguo, person in charge of the dining room, who was checking sanitation, said, at present about 200 employees have meals every day. The breakfast and dinner are served for free to the staff, with meat and two veg, which can meet the flavour of most people. Now there are three cooks and two waiters. Five people work hard from morning to night, so as to let the people at production line eat well. "Eating well can have energy to work."

It's said that this dining room can let 1000 people have meals together.

Dormitory: colorful cultural activities

“This dormitory building just like a hotel!” Said by people who came to the employee’s dormitory located in Binhai community. It’s reported that Binhai community planning a total construction area of 54,000 square meters, meet the resident population of 8000. Guangbo’s employees all live in this community at present. The company afford all the lodging expense that given to the community each month.

Walking into the dormitory, that is a dormitory building four people share a room.Each room has its own bathroom and the fan. Each building has a guest laundry room. Employees only need to drop two-yuan coins, which is very convenient. 

Living environment is getting better and cultural activities are colorful. When asked by the reporter how to spend the time after work, employees gave their own opinions, “In the evening I watch TV in the dormitory. Sometimes I go to the community’s supermarket or the shopping street”, “Every week we can watch an open-air film for free arranged by the community. There we also can watch new domestically produced big piece. It’s so nice”, “After work, I like playing basketball, or playing table tennis in the table tennis hall. Actually, the activities are rich and colorful”…   (written by Li Gensheng, Ma Zhangwei)


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