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"You created the world record!"ranteed payday loa
Release time:2009-07-14 Browse times:1156

On the morning of July 14, Wang Yong, the Standing Committee of NingboMunicipal Party Committee, Deputy Mayor and his group came to Guangbo to investigate and guide.

Deputy Mayor Wang and his group visited the company's Exhibition Center and nano products workshop. When learned that Guangbo nano products manufacturing technique has reached the international advanced level, while the cost is 15-30% lower than the same kind of Japanese products, he laughed and thumbed, "You created the world record!"

In the later forum, secretary of the Party committee, President Wang Liping introduced Guangbo Group's recent years' development condition, product structure and the situation of coping with international financial crisis to Deputy Mayor Wang. He said, "Guangbo through many years' development, has formed several industries like stationery, digital, hi-tech material and service. Up to now, the total number of employees has reached over 7000. Although now facing financial crisis, we don't reduce staff and cut salary. In contrast, we should regain confidence, meet the attack calmly."

After listening to President Wang Liping's working report, Deputy Mayor Wang pointed out: "Since last year, affected by international financial crisis, Ningbo enterprises has withstood unprecedented test. Guangbo Group and Ningbo other enterprises' excellent performance in this crisis fully revealed Ningbo entrepreneurs' social responsibility and boldness in coping with emergency. I hope Guangbo Group make determined and persistent efforts, and create achievement again."


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