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Love relay witness harmonious Guangboranteed payday loan
Release time:2008-05-15 Browse times:1846

News (Yang Haoyue)

After learned the news of Sichuan earthquake, employees of Guangbo Group couldn't sit any more. They all showed that they wanted to give love to people in disaster areas. Yesterday morning, a spontaneous donation activity was held in four plant areas in Guangbo Group. Employees from all over the world all gave money and donated generously. Before the reporter sent the news, the donated capital has reached 171576.60 yuan.

It is learned that there're over 600 employees from Sichuan working in Guangbo Group, while about 200 employees are in heavy disaster areas like Anxian, Guangyuan, Dujiangyan and so on. After heard of this news, Wang Liping, President of the company, called from overseas, having donated one million yuan and materials to Sichuan earthquake disaster areas.

Guangbo very care about the condition of afflicted employees in Sichuan. The company specially put apart 0.2 million yuan, as the special subsidy fund for employees in disaster areas. Trade union of the company also sent out over 600 copies of questionnaire, timely learned about the condition of the family of afflicted employees. When learned that over 10 employees couldn't get in touch with their family, the company held forum immediately, reporting the latest news to the employees, set up instant message announcement as well in every workshop, canteen and dormitory, announcing the latest news every fout hours. The company also especially set up natural affection hotline, responsible for the contact with families. When a mother heard that her husband and daughter were safe from the call, who had losen the contact with her family in the continuous 30 hours, was very excited.

Until the time of publishing, another two employees called to report the good news that they had got in touch with their family members. People were all right, only the houses were all collapsed. An employee said excitedly, this disaster situation made us feel fully of the passion of the national people and the warmth of big family of the country. Harsh natural disaster but affectionate humans, Guangbo was full of true feelings. Brothers and sisters who worked together, all selflessly donated their money to the disaster areas.

The person in charge of the trade union showed that about 150 employees in Guangbo whose houses were collapsed. According to different employees' suffering condition, the company gave different subsidy to everyone from 800-5000 yuan, supporting them to rebuild homeland.


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