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Guangbo won Ningbo top 50 tax payers in 2007ranteed payday
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On April 21, 2007 Ningbo industry (entrepreneurial innovation) prize-award ceremony was successfully held in the first floor of international conference center of Ningbo Nanyuan Hotel. By 2007 Ningbo top 50 tax payers, Guangbo Group was commended in this awarding ceremony. President Wang Liping was invited to attend this awarding ceremony.

In face of the intensified competition of global economic integration, Guangbo actively seek diversified and capitalized development.Taking advantage of remarkable quality and powerful innovation ability, now Guangbo has developed into the communicator of culture industry and professional manufacturer, which is a modern enterprise group integrating light industry stationery, new material electrons, investment and trade into one.

During the sixteen-year development, Guangbo has always sticked to the quicker and better developing strategy, formulated brand strategy, innovation strategy and culture strategy these three strategic system. It not only established Guangbo digital electronic institute in Shenzhen, but engaged designers and technicians from South Korea, Japan, the U.S. and so on, constantly strengthening technology innovation. On January 10, 2007, Guangbo Stock (002103) was successfully listed in Shenzhen Stock Exchange, becoming the beginning of Guangbo capitalized operation.

Wang Liping, President of Guangbo Group, said in the awarding ceremony that getting the commendation from government was the affirmation of our company. In future, Guangbo will actively strengthen the dialogue and cooperation between world-level enterprises, lift the enterprise’s self-innovation ability, work hard to let Guangbo become the first brand of Chinese stationery field and the forerunner of world stationery brand, and become the leader of new multiple industry.


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