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Brand show, client order, double achievementsranteed payday
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On October 15, the 100th Chinese Export Commodities Fair (canton fair) curtain rises on the riverside of Guangzhou Zhujiang. Counting from the first canton fair in 1957, today is its 50-year-old birthday. Starting from next year, the official name of the canton fair will be changed from Chinese Export Commodities Fair into Chinese Import and Export Commodities Fair. Guangbo exhibition group experiences this historical moment.

This canton fair further shows its self-owned brand, first establishes comprehensive exhibition hall, displays centralized on 147 brand enterprise cultivated and developed by department of commerce, including Guangbo. Wu Hemin, vice mayor of Ningbo city, Wang Renzhou, director of Ningbo foreign trade bureau, deputy directors Ding Haibing and Li Xinhua give high attention to those Ningbo brand enterprises entering this comprehensive exhibition show. In front of the Guangbo’s booth, vice mayor Wu Hemin gives a highly praise on its products. He says: “Guangbo’s development is obvious to all, hoping Guangbo will make persistent efforts and create new high trade volume of stationery products in this canton fair.

Canton fair likes a mirror reflecting the history. Its development witnesses the brilliant achievement of Guangbo on foreign trade volume, products diversify development and establishment of self-owned brand since its first attendance in the canton fair in 1998. Canton fair is to be mature and perfect constantly. Guangbo also is developing. In every canton fair, Guangbo will weed through the old to bring forth the new, bring various and unique products to the clients. Besides, exquisite making and good quality also attract the eyes of foreign clients. On the opening ceremony of the 100th canton fair, lots of clients can’t help to raise their thumbs full of praise, in face of the independent developed and designed products. Various novel office stationery, student stationery and gift stationery leave a deep impression on them.

Today’s Guangbo brand is known to most overseas clients. On this basis, by the world influence of Olympic Games, Guangbo actively participates in the Olympic economy competition. And it finally becomes the first national paper stationery franchising dealer for 2008 Beijing Olympic Games. In this canton fair, Guangbo presents Olympic products to most clients.

Through the trade window of this canton fair, Guangbo Group not only timely knows lots of information of domestic and international market, widely getting to know oversea clients, but provides a solid foundation for the success of later export contract.


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