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Guangbo hand in hand with Army women basketballranteed payd
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On the afternoon of December 31, 2006, in the meeting room of Yinzhou recreation and sports bureau, Wang Liping, president of Zhejiang Guangbo Group, holds hands with Zhu Jiazhi, team leaders of army athletes. They sign the new season agreement, showing that in new season army women basketball will compete in WCBA by wearing “Guangbo stationery”.

Bumper yeasr appoints further abundant harvest

The year 2006 is really a bumper year for Guangbo Group, becoming the first state paper products stationery dealer in 2008 Olympic Games. Its first batch of products get the preliminary approval from Beijing Olympic Organization. It will also gain the printing making rights of tickets for Bejijing Olympic Games. The results of Group’s brand engineering is significant, winning “chinese well-known trademark”.The Guangbo Share listing work has completed and the company stocks will go public transaction in Shenzhen Exchange. “Joining Beijing Olympic franchising plan not noly brings abundant profit to Guangbo, but a great leap of cultural transmission and brand strategy implentment”, said by President Wang Liping. Group “brand engineering” is a systematic project. Guangbo will develop into “the disseminator of cultural industry and professional manufacture” through Army Guangbo Women Basketball, declaring chinese famous brand, etc. Sports has become a platform of its development. The cooperation between Army Women Basketball and Guangbo is satisfactory. Owing to the intervention of Guangbo, Army Women Basketball has been the beat team among WCBA. Liu Beiyan, political commissar of Army Women Basketbal, shows that the last season cooperation is very pleasant and they are confident of the new season cooperation.

A handsome reward motivates Women Basketball winning championship

Guangbo Group became the crown-named sponsor of Army Women Basketball last season. At that time, the two parties reached an agreement of three years, with signing it each year, so this time is the second year. Comparied with last year, there’re no so many alters in the agreement. However, in order to stimulate Army Women Basketball to gain the championship of WCBA, Guangbo Group sets 100,000 RMB as the cash prize. Besides, Yinzhou recreation and sports bureau also sets 50,000 RMB as the cash prize. There’s also one item in the agreement, if Army Women Basketball forms professional club, if Guangbo likes, they will first consider Guangbo.

Because the new season WCBA gives way to Asia Games, it delays to open in February. The match schedule also rapidly shrink and the regular seasons shrink to half. The new season WCBA will divided into A and B group with snake spread, according to the results of last season. Every group will have double cycle competition with host-guest tournament system. Group A is Henan, Liaoning, Heilongjiang, Fujian, Guangdong and Shandong, while Group B is Army Guangbo, Shenyang, Jiangsu, Beijing, Shanghai and Zhejiang. The top 4 of each group will enter top 8, then have cross elimination tournament. The league match will end on April 22.

According to political commissar Liu, Army Guangbo Women Basketball finished the winter training in Qing Huangdao on 25th last month. Next day, four national members met the team. Among these four national members, Chen Nan had a small operation and Chen Feifei’s injury hadn’t turn well, so they had to have a rest. The conditions of Ren Lei and Zhang Xiaoni were much better. This get-together of the team is the first time actually. Because the team changed chief commander and brunt guard, the national team members need time to get used to the new tactics. The rest two months before the league match is very valuable for Army Women Basketball. As chief commander Fan Bing told, new season will meet difficulties, but Army Guangbo Women Baskerball will regain the general championship.


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