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I love Guangbo that is my familyranteed payday loan
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In order to commend and encourage our star staffs they are quiet, uncomplaining, often hard-working and keep to their post, Guangbo Group will provide them a free trip every year to show the thankfulness of our company.

This year, these star staffs will go to visit Xiangsan on 28th Oct.

At 6: 45 in the morningo of 28th Oct, hundreds of star staffs get on the bus to Xiangsan on time with smile. 2 hours late, they reach the 1st station – Xiangsan film and television town.

Xiangsan film and television town is the base of screening the Chinese period dramas of the Condor Heroes. There is a statue of condor in the middle and front of door.  All the staffs take the picture together there. After that, the local guide shows us all screening scene in the town and memorizes all the excellent segments in this television with us together.

In the afternoon, all the star staffs come to 2nd station – China fishing village.  Without working pressure, all the staffs relax and enjoy the seafood, heavy surf, warm sunshine and comfortable beach.

Time goes too quickly. The trip is finished in the evening. We shall take these star staffs as our model to work much harder. We will have wonderful future in our Guangbo Group by our efforts, conscientious and serious working attitude.


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