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How to be a study-oriented workerranteed payday loan
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How to be a study-oriented worker

Commentator of the GuangBo Newspaper


The study-oriented people are those who have capacity for learning either at work or in life and ability in some field. What the modern company management needs are just the study-oriented people. Only through constant study, can they become comprehensive people. Put forward the slogan of constructing the study-oriented company in starting a business second time, the group needs this kind of people.

We feel that we have little knowledge more and more with the development of the society because new economy, knowledge economy and info technology develop rapidly, and the global economy tends to integration in the age with great change. If a person can’t study effectively, they will not survive the society. The capacity for learning is a special competitive ability, which helps someone win in fierce competition under the circumstance of great change, instability and increasing risk. Only the person with the capacity for learning can keep up with the development of the age and company, and can’t be sifted out. A well-known economist divides companies into two kinds after many years’ research, which are “economy-oriented companies” and “study-oriented companies”. The economy-oriented companies devote to profit maximum, while the study-oriented companies concentrate on their ability to survive and develop more. Likewise, people also can be divided into the economy-oriented and the study-oriented. The economy-oriented are labor force and the study-oriented are real talented and the people of sustained development. A company wants to establish its brand in a long run, it must develop study-oriented people and to be a study-oriented one.

What should we do to be a real study-oriented person? Most of our workers find that they have little knowledge. They have to study this and that and feel no direction. As a matter of fact, like doing other things, we need to establish a center and then find a point to conquer. First of all, we must make the life aim of our own, and we’d better draw its trace of development. If we are not in the top management, we should study hard in our own field. For example, if you are a printing operator, you should be good at various operation skills and maintaining machines and then study others. We can’t do all things well in limited time. We should study to learn from daily work and learn from others’ merits. Accumulating knowledge constantly is the way of study and improvement.

As constructing study-oriented company, a company ought to do very well in five aspects such as self-transcendence, improving the way of thought, reaching common understanding and cognition, establishing the way of study in group and systematical thought. As members of the study-oriented company, we should also ask ourselves: what can we do for the company? Whom do I get information, knowledge and special technology from? And who can acquire them from me? Only on the basis of getting rid of the traditional way of thought, through developing with others and the company, can we realize our dreams, which is also the root of the continued study.


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