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if you keep on, you will succeed in timeranteed
Release time:2003-05-01 Browse times:2543

In these days, the streets of NingBo is full of liveliness again, suspected patients in YuYao and FengHua confirmed to be normal, 65 primary school students having gotten back classrooms at east bank of the river, and municipal government checking strictly every toll-gate, which make citizens full of ease. Though there are possibility of that SARS rebound, the number of infected patients in inland areas and Beijing has made us gradually calm, what must be done still being done, previous life still going on. Whatever we meet, life is still the same as before.

Guangbo also actively respond calls from municipal government on SARS prevention, and bring forth the new by weeding through the old to set up leaders group of SARS prevention. Group not only cut off the source of infection through strictly controlling the infected possibility from people of outside companies, but also strengthen management to employees when they are off duty and ask employees who contact with people of outside companies face to face for reporting in time, and apply for and purchase a great number of thermometers, persist in measuring temperature to workmen everyday and ask those persons who is sick or whose temperature is above nomal temperature to go to hospital in time. The measure has been performed for more than 20 days, but due to minded relaxation, that perfunctory attitude and behavior to SARS in some workshops has arisen, and which must be given up. No matter what we do, we should carry though to the end, if you keep on, you will succed in time. if we give up halfway or adopt speculative attitude, we will give our antagonists (including germs) chances to be superior to us, the consequences will be unimaginable and our former swink will be useless.

We must stick it out not only on SARS prevention but also on everything we do, we just learn a sense that we should more cherish what we have gotten from SARS prevention. An apologue told us: a bus full of passengers advanced quickly along a slope, behind it there was a man pursuing the bus closely, a passenger reached his head out of window and said to the man: “hi, brother, give up please, you can’t catch up it”, “we must catch up it”, the man gasped, “because I am the driver of that bus”. From the apologue We realize that some persons must work hard, because the consequences will be very wretched if he does not do like that! And it is because we must go all out for everything that latent ability and unkown speciality will be brought into full display. A short story also indicate sufficiently that as long as we work hard and bring our own ability into full display, we will be able to exert ourselves more superiority and create greater miracle. We should do everything like that, 6s call for us developing arragement, trimness, sweeping and cleanliness as a habit, so long as we stick at it for long term and develop it as habit and make it to be a part of our daily life, we can benefit from it. We are convinced forever that: if you keep on, you will succeed in time.

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